Monday, February 12, 2007

Intimacy (a prayer)

Oh, God, help us be You. You are us, so give us, transform us, be us! Brighten our day, be our Light, be who we are! Make us You, make of us what You will, and cause us to accept us, to accept You! Let our unity be apparent. Flow into our lives right now, purify us, open our hearts to You right now, oh God. I pour my heart out to You. I want only to love You and to love others, make it true. Make this prayer a humble loving gesture for all to know You, without deceit, without pride. Help me, help us all, oh God. I want all to love You, and it is all okay anyway. I don't know what they think. This is free, it is me, it is You. Bring them to You, they are You, they are Yours. Love us all, love is all, there is love in us all. Let it be so. You are our Lord. Let love be our Lord, for You are love.

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