Monday, February 12, 2007


(prayer, from a letter to a friend, 8/25/03):

...May the dawn of Reality envelop our souls and cut through our worldly attachments, so that His Love and Wisdom would reign in our hearts, so that we can be a Light to the world of humanity, which is suffering in darkness and imitation. May our thoughts and intentions become purified, so that we can dedicate our lives to the Cause of Unification of all peoples and all souls. May our hearts be directed to the Beloved One, the Manifestation of all Goodness, so that we can taste the sweet Elixir of Life, the only taste that truly satisfies, beyond all worldly and ephemeral tastes. May His life enter ours, may we long for the presence of the Pure One, may our own desires dissolve in the utter beauty of the Longed-for One, the Healer who came for us, who rescued us from perdition and base desire.

God, please help us in our sins and our needs. We are helpless, like fish writhing on the shores of hell, utterly in our desires, lost in earthly cravings, needing a home for our hearts. Please open the door of Your guidance--show us the way to go, so we may have the peace and love that You gave us. Guide ____ in her life, open the way for her to be a servant of Thine, purify her, give her the comfort of Your love, keep her safe with certitude in Your beneficence. Pour out Your Grace to her, as she experiences the blows of Your decree! Be her lifeboat, keep her close to You, console her in her distress and loneliness, O Lord! Help me in my endeavors, and cause me to be fearless and loving to the people, so I may raise Your Word among the peoples and spread Your fragrance to the needy. Help me in my weakness and neediness. Help us, Lord, bond the souls together, remove this dissension and separation. Illumine us, awaken us! O Lord!!

(letter to friend, a prayer, from 12/26/02):

Oh, God, we beg of Thee, O Lord, as we sit in the filth of this world, to cause us to drink down Your Grace and Love, lift us out of this mess of worldly attachment and ego and materialism, and cause our souls to soar in the atmosphere of Your Love and Healing Grace! Help us to want You, and not this world, for we know this world is but an illusion, a vain and empty show. Remove the scales, unveil the eyes, unravel the barriers, O Lord, and penetrate our souls, so we may know Thee, desire only Thee, and want the best for all humanity! We are weak, and Thou art strong. We are lowly, and Thou art powerful. Help us, O Lord, and heal us! Make us strong with Your Grace! Awaken our hearts and make us open to Your Love! Send us love from Your Kingdom and also from Your loved ones scattered around the world. Unite us, Lord, into one indissoluble bond, which will last all of eternity, and which will nourish our hearts, bodies and minds.

Do what You deem best for us, O Lord! We put our lives in Your Hands--for You are the Creator, the All-Wise, the All-Knowing, the Most-Giving, the Most-Bountiful, the Wondrous Lord over everything ever created or will be created! We give Thee thanks for creating us and enabling us to recognize Thee! Please, God, increase our knowledge of Thee, and increase our awareness of Thy Grace towards us, so that we may better serve Thee, and may be healed through Thy love!

(prayer, from a letter to a friend, 4/24/01):

...Please God, please, take us out of this pain and suffering. Take us away from this nether world, and lift our thoughts, hearts and spirits to Your eternal rest, and cause us to move and act with Your hands and Your spirit, to bring a mighty wind of change into this community, which You have blessed. Please give ____ respite and comfort amongst the darts and judgments--lift her up to Your presence, and give her hope and courage to remain firm in Your love. Please give me patience and solace and companionship, and give me comfort regarding my attachment to ____...

...Please God, help us, heal us, preserve us, protect us, guide us, comfort us. Reveal to _____ Your clear tokens of guidance, and bless her and confer goodness upon her, and brighten her soul with Your love, and strengthen her in her duty on this earth, and cause her to be a light to humanity, and a guide to the suffering. Resolve her conflicts, and keep her close to You, so that she may know that she is a chosen child of Yours, with a special calling which brought her to this place at this time.

Please, God, guide us, and bring some answers and resolutions to this community. Supply us with our material needs, oh God, so that we may be occupied with Thee, and not downcast and lonely. We are babies, God, we are weak, and we are needy. Meet our needs and desires, Lord, as we continue to strive to consecrate ourselves to service and renunciation. Reveal to us the mysteries of detachment, Lord, as we strive to embrace You. Forgive us, purify us, and heal us, oh Lord. Please heal this community, and bring great blessings upon us, please, and unite us soon!! Keep us close to You, Lord!!

(prayer, from a letter to a friend, 7/25/06):

Enter into the trust of God with an open heart, and He will feed your soul with the fruits of the Kingdom. The taste of these nectars shall enthrall your being, and you will cast away all attachment to anything this world offers you. You will, like a divine child, partake of these heavenly flavors, and spend your life enjoying the essence of creation, the Divine Elixir. You will see nothing in existence except His Face, and speak of nothing but His Love. All of creation will be a divine plaything for your heavenly soul. This will be the station of those who struggle and strive in My Holy Name, through the power of My Holy Spirit. May it be so. May the helpless ones be revived and refreshed through the bountiful waters of My grace, and the effulgences of My Holiness now and forever. May they be led to My Sacred precincts above and beyond the empty pleasures of this nether world, which I have created to test My servants as to their faithfulness before My Holy, All-Seeing Eye. May My mercy waft over all the inhabitants of this darksome globe, and illuminate their inner being with the Holy and Sacred fragrances of My Word, which are shed upon all the souls of mankind.

Rise up, O souls, and hearken unto the Mighty call of this Wronged One, and heed the warning of the Messengers. Do thou observe the commandments, lest the wrath of the Judge overtake you. He is merciful in His dealings, and His wrath is equal to His mercy. Do not tarry in your waywardness, O peoples. The dove of Holiness warbles on the tree of Eternity, calling the holy souls to reunion. Comfort us, O Divine One. Heal us, O Upraiser. Renew our hearts and souls, and put a new spirit in us, so we may fulfill our divine destiny, and carry forward Your Beneficent Cause. We pray with our hearts, with the mystery of Your Sovereignty before us, O Mighty and Exalted One! Hear our prayer, O Father! Hear our prayer!


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