Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A poem, or something like it (I wrote it)

The Llama King (1/30/04)

This note is to inform you that your fleetersnitzen has expired, and there is no more foovenhoffen for you anymore. It is all gone. I am sorry, but we must run away from all the grangerblitz, and instead embrace the floopjigger. All our efforts have appeared as dreams before us, figments of our massive hysteria, cumbersome ulcers of our imaginations. They are destroyed in the abyss of wonder, overturned in a flash by the quick and sharp turn of destiny, never to be witnessed again. Not one moment goes by, and suddenly the fabric of life turns inside out, and we are cut down, flailing about with fever in our blood.

The reins have turned inward, we blossom as once we faded. New and fresh, the hopeful day arrives, eager and anticipatory; the embrace comes for us and we turn heavenward, rescuing ourselves from the flood of what was once only doom. Now it is here, the truth, the light, the gaze, the Holy Outlook! God bless the souls of the wise. Here it is for you, and all of us dine with delight. The freegrifter has won our souls and plunged us into plunderwunder! Amen for the Llama King! Long lived the Queen! Holy souls arise and win your fortune!

This message is brought to you by the Council on Holy Increments, making dander into hay. It is for educational purposes only, and is not to be taken literally.


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