Sunday, December 25, 2005

What is real?

Am I supposed to write all psychological and spiritual? Or just natural, what I feel? Well, what if I feel angry? Would you want to hear about it? I just wrote a great post, but my AOL disconnected. Actually I'm at my friend's computer. Now I'm using her Internet Explorer browser. So the good posts are down further. This is just me being not really happy--actually angry and hurt that I lost the good post. So the question is, what about all the efforts of good people that get wasted and unnoticed? And what about this idea that we have to put something out there material, for the world to see to the point that we lose touch with our souls and get caught up in the games of success and achievement? Materialism. It's the curse of the culture. It's in all of us. We give more importance and energy to material and physical pleasures, and we disregard the calling of the soul and spirit. How many of us really want to remedy this dilemma? We can. We have the support and power of the spirit of God, and the Truth of existence. It is in all the religions. We just need to heed these messages, and really want to evolve toward goodness, toward change, toward God or Truth. But we have all this materialism in our hearts. And that is just an escape veil for our fears, insecurities, hurts, shame, and guilt. Yes, we have artificial lives which cover over all these demons of our inner self. Most of us would rather not deal with all this junk, and settle for the pleasures and escapes of this culture. But we can do battle with our inner fears and insecurities, once we realize that it is the true path of life, the real living. Everything else is illusion, once your eyes have been opened. We need to join together and support each other in this battle with our own selfishness and ego patterns as well as the ego patterns of those around us. We are not alone. There is help, since help and aid is the nature of the spiritual reality. I need this help right now. We all do. We are a mess inside, and only through God's grace can we really sort through it. Psychology and philosophy will only take you so far. Religion and science are two wings of the bird. With only science, you have materialism. With only religion, you have superstition. Let's arise, and with the fullness of our heart, and with the resources at hand, conquer the forces which would draw us into depression or hopelessness.

"He will come to your aid with invisible hosts, and support you with armies of inspiration from the Concourse above; He will send unto you sweet perfumes from the highest Paradise, and waft over you the pure breathings that blow from the rose gardens of the Company on high. He will breathe into your hearts the spirit of life, cause you to enter the Ark of salvation, and reveal unto you His clear tokens and signs. Verily is this abounding grace. Verily is this the victory that none can deny."
(Abdu'l-Baha, Selections from the Writings of Abdu'l-Baha, p. 186)

Saturday, December 24, 2005


Well, here I is again, folks. What do I have to show for you all? Nothing, absolutely nothing, folks. That's how it goes in the real world. Surrender, we call it. Yielding to the reality of what is, in the deeper aspect of things. What I'm saying here is that I know that I am the created, and God is the Creator, so why not just yield to it, and stop running? I yield my life to the great cosmic Truth, the inner reality of All, commonly called God. In that surrender a great blessing is birthed, the effulgence of a true life emanating out from the placeless domain, in the form of this being, called Bob. It is available to everyone, since everyone is truly a soul radiating from the divine presence. If not, what are you? Where are you? You are certainly more than your body. There is a spiritual foundation to it all, and we read about it in all the great religions. I have found the Baha'i Faith to be the most comprehensive teaching, the word of God for this day. Check out the link to their website. Well, I'm not here to preach, but to be authentic, and this is it, folks. This is me, with all my true intentions for your good will and mine. I still need to find out how to get you to be able to hear my guitar music and inspiration tapes. I'm working on it. Hi to all my friends and visitors. You're all part of the wonderful family of humanity which is evolving and changing for the better--even through all this pain and heartache! Hang in there with me, and support each other with as much love as possible. Don't be afraid to pray, meditate, and read some Holy Scriptures. God bless, until next time...!

P.S. These beautiful flower pictures were taken by my friend Roxana Hadden.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Got my blog up and running

Well, this is it, folks. The beginning of the next phase in spiritual evolution. Now is the time to do it. We have the resources--the spiritual reality--it is right here in this moment, in this instant, and in all things, as a matter of fact. We just need to persevere in our efforts to remove the veils of illusion and conditioning that prevent this all-encompassing Truth from emerging in our awareness. I want to write from a more universal perspective, so I will be sparse in my use of the word God, at least for now. I am excited about having you listen to my audio files of me talking about spiritual transformation, and of my guitar playing. I'm sure I'll be writing stuff, also, but I like intimacy, and I feel I don't get it while writing. Although perhaps you might feel it through my writing--that would be fulfilling in itself. So this is about transcendence, and growth, and openness, and being with the deeper reality. Of course, this will be an ongoing dialogue of exploration, because no one can have the answers of the Infinite. We are evolving, and that means we need humility and love and patience. This blogsite will grow and adapt, and be quite a spontaneous thing, generally. So I am going to leave this post as it is, and see what else I can do. Hope to meet some of you. God bless!